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Lead Architect - Graphics & VR (PC Platform)

Are you an expert in high performance real-time graphics? Are you excited by APIs such as Vulkan and DirectX 12? Do you have extensive experience with legacy APIs such as DirectX 11 and OpenGL? AMD’s LiquidVR or NVIDIA’s VRWorks? Are you up-to-speed on the latest GPU architectures such as GCN4 and Pascal? Do you like the idea of programming for multiple GPUs? Is keeping up with the latest algorithms and techniques just a part of your daily reading? Are you interested in applying your skills to solving the new and exciting rendering problems of real-time virtual reality @ 90fps (11.11ms/frame) and beyond?

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Network & Distributed Software Engineer

Are you an expert in writing high performance, fault-tolerant, scalable, networking software in C and C++? Are you intimately familiar with protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, UDP and TCP? Do you know the differences between unicast and multicast routing, and between symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography, stenography and hashing, and the mathematics behind crypto-currency? Do you understand how P2P architectures such as BitTorrent and CDN architectures such as those employed by Netflix work? Do you think you could build them yourself? Are you interested in building something that will one day become as commonplace as some of the technologies enumerated above? Have you already written your own reliable protocol on top of UDP datagrams in the past? Extra Bonus points if you’re also familiar with HPC technologies such as InfiniBand and RDMA!

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Codec & Compression Software Engineer (GPU)

Are you an expert in creating high performance real-time compression algorithms and codecs for CPUs and GPUs? Do you understand the differences between common existing image and video formats and compression technologies such as H.264/H.265, VP9, JPEG, JPEG2000, DXTC, ASTC, etc.? Are you also familiar with the mathematics behind DCT and FFT, Spherical Harmonics, Wavelets, etc., in addition to lossless compression techniques such as Huffman Coding? Are you interested in applying your skills to solving the new and exciting compression problems of real-time virtual reality?

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Edge Network/Datacenter IT Engineer

Are you in love with exotic network and server technologies? Do terms like OpenCompute, 100Gbps InfiniBand, RDMA, and OM4 fiber get you excited to come to work and build cool stuff? Do you have experience building and configuring everything from hand-built ATX computers to 42U datacenter racks complete with myriad servers, PDUs, switches and patch panels? Do you understand the differences between IPv6 and IPv4 multicast routing? Are you adept at administering operating systems, software, firewalls, switches, routers, etc.? Are you as fluent in shell scripting and regular expressions as you are in English? Dos the idea of being part of an integrated team of expert software engineers building an amazing platform for virtual reality and e-sports excite you? If you said yes to these questions, then we invite you to apply to become our resident Edge Network/Datacenter IT Engineer.

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Job Description Forthcoming*

* This position is currently open; but, we don't have a description for it yet. You can still apply based upon the job title.

InsightfulVR is boldly re-imagining how 3D graphics rendering is done for virtual and augmented reality devices, as well as lightfield and traditional displays. Our mission is to enable higher quality real-time, cinematic and interactive experiences on all devices.

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